How It Works

It’s actually very simple. Once you decide to have a Books For Blessings fundraiser, simply contact us. We will answer any questions you have and then ask you to sign a simple contract which outlines the responsibilities of both your organization and Books For Blessings.

The next step is for you to market your book donation campaign. We provide the leg work but for your campaign to be successful, you must do the marketing and promotion for your own organization.  After all, you have the best rapport with your members and they want to support you!

Following our book guidelines will help insure that your organization gets the most revenue possible from your book donation drive. On average, we are able to pay out $4.35 per book sold. However, that can be as little $1.99 or up to $150 or more (yes some books have very high values due to being out of print.) Books For Blessings can help design custom marketing material which you can use for both print and email campaigns.

If you are local to the Maryville, TN area, we will be happy to pickup free of charge. There is a 100 book minimum for us to pick up which is about two  16″ boxes full of books.

Once we gather the books, we evaluate and process every single book using our technology to target the price accordingly. During your campaign, our software monitors pricing day to day to insure that items are competitively priced.  Each of your donated books is assigned a SKU number which tracks the book back to your organization. This gives us 100% confidence in calculating payouts (see below).  After one of your books is sold, we handle all of the post sale fulfillment, shipping, and customer service on your behalf. We usually try to ship orders the same day as long as they are posted by 5pm Eastern.  This keeps customer happy and often coming back for more purchases through our top rated customer service.

Payout Procedures

Our pay cycle is bi-monthly, usually every other Wednesday.  There is no minimum payout  and we do not hold payments back at all – it’s your money.  We pay out most of the post marketing revenue for every book which we sell for you.  We only keep $0.35 per sale to help cover the costs of mailers and labels, and other expenses.   You can receive a check, bank deposit, or payout via Paypal (which we prefer).

Here is an example of how a book sale would break down:

Sale Price: $9.31
Marketing Fees: -$2.75
Shipping Credit: $3.99
Actual Shipping: -$2.72
Base Revenue: $7.83
Your Revenue: $7.48
Our Revenue: $0.35

You can see here how getting good books can make a difference!