Fairview Kids Book Sale Fundraiser

Fairview Kids is teaming up with Books For Blessings to hold a book sale drive to raise funds for our Awana program.  This year at Awana, we are asking that the kids bring in books which are in new condition that they no longer need.  These can be any books (including adult books!) as long as they appear to be new – no writing, stickers, folded pages, creases, or damage.  You can view the book guidelines at the top of this website for more information.

We encourage you to let your children ask their friends if they have any books they’d like to donate.  This is a great way to open the door to even get other children coming to Awana on Wednesday nights and again on Sunday morning for church.  Each book which is brought in is worth 50 points at the Awana store.  

This is an easy way for us to raise funds and help support our Awana Clubs.  We receive almost all of the profit from this awesome and simple fundraiser. Your help is needed so we hope you really get involved with this program. It doesn’t cost anything but a little bit of your time.  Books For Blessings always teaches participants to not judge a book by its cover.  Some books may be out of print and really sell for a high price. The most important thing is that the books must appear to be in new condition.  We get all of the profit from each book sale except for $0.35 per item sold which goes to cover the cost of shipping supplies.


Parents are also encouraged to help their children gather books.  Ask people at work and in your neighborhood!  Not every book we gather can be sold so the more books we have, the greater the potential to help our missionaries this year. Books which we cannot sell will be donated to Home Habitat of Blount County so that they may continue to bless others with your generosity.

Thank you again for your support.  Feel free to visit the Fairview United Methodist Church website at http://www.fairview-umc.org/childrensministry for more information about our Children’s Ministry.