About Us

We are Christians and try to live every day according to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are broken just like you. God has made us gracefully broken so that through our weaknesses, His glory can shine for others. It is our hope that our little ministry grows not for our glory, but for the Glory of God and for the advancement of His kingdom.

Books For Blessings was founded in the Fall of 2014 after hearing a sermon at church on the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30.  We immediately realized how much God had blessed our family and that we were not serving His Kingdom by using the talents He had given us. We immediately felt called to do something about it.

Shortly after hearing this sermon, the idea for Books For Blessings was born.  We have the tools and technology to really do something to help others financially through online book sales.  With twenty years in online sales and especially the book industry, the only thing we needed to do was convince organizations that our idea wasn’t crazy and we could raise a considerable amount of cash by selling donated books.

Organizations still find it hard to believe that we can raise funds in this manner but just reach out to us. We will be happy to explain how and why this continues to be successful.

Books For Blessings is an emotionally fulfilling ministry which is built on the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is designed by nature not to provide us with a large income.  We actually give most of the revenue.  We only keep $0.35 per sale to cover the dost of mailing supplies.  It’s a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time.  However, nothing gives us more satisfaction than being able to provide financial assistance to those who either really need it or to organizations that can actually put the money to faithful use and truly help the least of these which Matthew 25 talks about.

If you work with an organization such as a church, school, or non-profit, or if you or someone you know needs funds to help pay off medical debt, we can help through our online book sales.  Simply contact us for more information.

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