Book Guidelines

We encourage you not to judge a book by its cover.  Our main guideline is that it looks NEW – even if it is an older title.  Any book has potential to make a difference as long as it’s in new condition.   A valuable book which is donated in poor condition, does nothing for your organization.  We have simple guidelines which help maximize the sales potential of your book donation campaign.

Books must be in NEW condition

A book in new condition, regardless of publication year can fetch a very high sales price. The same book in damaged condition may only sell for a penny.

  • no visible damage
  • remainder marks are ok (usually a dot or swipe with a marker on the edge of the page.  A remainder is just a publisher overstock which they physically mark so they can count it in a separate accounting method.)
  • Books should contain all parts (ie if a cd/dvd/promotion is included it should be intact and unused)
  • no dog-eared pages
  • no excessive yellowing or fading
  • no stains
  • no loose or missing pages
  • no writing or highlighting
  • no stickers (price tags are ok)
  • no names inside (usually… if that’s the only thing wrong with the book, we’ll take it)
  • no mold or mildew
  • workbooks are ok as long as they are not filled out with writing.
  • books which have dust jackets should contain the dust jacket in new condition.

Books must not be over-sized

Books which are over-sized (like an Atlas) are cost prohibitive to ship and should not be donated

Books should be “right sized”

There is a sweet spot for shipping books.   Our sweet spot are books which are what we call 961 books – 9 inches high, 6 inches wide, 1 inch thick.  This is just a rule of thumb but books of this size are relatively cheap to ship.  Considering that the buyer pays for shipping, books which fall into this specification usually allow us to even make a little money on shipping.

Books to avoid

  • Books with excessive size or weight (ask us first)
  • Mass produced hard cover romance novels (they only sell for a penny)
  • South beach or Atkins diet books
  • Chicken Soup series
  • Billy Graham (except latest releases)
  • Travel books except for those with publication dates in the last 2 years
  • Guideposts titles
  • Any book you would consider to be unwholesome
  • Promotional inserts
  • Instruction manuals and inserts
  • General dictionaries
  • Scholastic books less than 50 pages
  • Technical/Computerbooks which are out-dated (greater than three years post publication).

Books to look for

  • Books on the Amazon Best Seller list (updates hourly – remember any book which is wholesome is acceptable)
  • Textbooks from major universities with a publication date later than 2016.
  • Technical / Computer books
  • “Dummies” books
  • Reference books
  • Children books
  • History
  • Cookbooks
  • Home design and improvement
  • Christian / Inspirational / spiritual
  • Diet and exercise
  • Self Help
  • Just get books in new condition and let us make the call.



Help us grow.  Your donated books are humbly appreciated.