Bob Needs Some Help

Bob is a good guy. He is a hard working man doing what he can to get by. A bone defect in his neck makes it tough to work but he does what he needs. He is also a certified auto mechanic and dreams of having his own shop on his property. We are helping Bob get back on his feet after a series of tragic events turned his life upside down.  The picture here was taken in the fall of 2017 after we got some heaters donated so that he could shut himself in his bedroom at night and turn the heaters on to stay warm.  This was a good night and the night that we realized that what God was doing in this man’s life needs to be told to other people.  You cannot have a testimony without the testing.  Do not judge someone because they appear to have given up.  Most are fighting like crazy just to stay afloat.  Are we as Christians doing enough to help the least of these around us?  This is Bob’s story. We are just the narrator. Read below, share with your friends and donate.  Let’s give Bob a hand up.

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